CNC Machine Shop San Diego | Darmark Corporation

In 1978, Darmark Corporation began in the garage of their founder Darwin E. Zavadil, who had extensive experience in the machining industry. In the early days of operation, Darmark specialized in complex and precise manufacturing in the semiconductor industry. By developing good relationships with local semiconductor manufacturers as well as plastic suppliers, Darmark became a leader in how to approach the machining of high cost, exotic plastics, which many machine shops were hesitant to work with. This attention to precision and detail in the early days would set them up for changes in the structure of the company, as well as the machining industry.

By keeping control of the company within the founder’s family, as well as by rewarding loyal employees with the privilege of ownership, Darmark’s successful business model was secured in the hands of owners who possessed the same principles as the original founder. The new management faced a turning point, however, when key customers in the semiconductor industry went out of business. Rather than folding the company under pressure, Darmark’s leaders decided to use the opportunity to break into new industries that required precision manufacturing services.

Today, as an ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D certified company, Darmark Corporation serves a diverse base of customers in the aerospace, medical, semiconductor, transportation, and energy sectors of manufacturing, to name a few. By holding true to the standards set when the company was in infancy, Darmark has become a leader in precision machining. Through continuous improvement, commitment to quality and investment in new technology, Darmark has demonstrated that they are dedicated to remaining in the industry for years to come.