CNC Machine Shop San Diego | Darmark Corporation

At Darmark Corporation, our customers’ needs are the top priority. With great same-day response to customer needs and a friendly team-oriented atmosphere, Darmark is always striving to determine and satisfy our customers’ critical requirements. Our team here understands the pressure that our customers are put under, and are therefore willing to do what it takes to meet our customers’ needs. By having a Six Sigma Black Belt on-site, Darmark is committed to driving Lean-Six Sigma into our everyday operations.

Since our adoption of Lean-Six Sigma in 2007, Darmark has been committed to streamlining our own internal processes, which in turn improves the quality and lead-time that we can provide to our customers. In addition, Darmark Corporation has become skilled at providing contract-based lean stocking strategies to our customers. By implementing these lean manufacturing principles into our inventory system, we have been able to assist customers in meeting their requirements for high-usage, short lead-time products. Ask us today how we can assist you in meeting your demand requirements.

In a recent customer survey, Solar Turbines responded to the following points:

1. On-time delivery:
Darmark is consistently in the high 90% for delivery.

2. Response to Issues:
Usually resolved in the same day.

3. Response to requests for info:
Majority of the time will get a response within the hour.

4. Overall Satisfaction with Darmark:
I’m very satisfied with Darmark. They are able to pull dates when requested.

5. What Improvement can we make?
Where you are today has been a great improvement.