Screw Machining in San Diego, CA

Screw machining is when metal is shaved down to a specific size by lathes that rapidly spin and make the metal smaller. This is used to manufacture metal and plastic parts in a variety of industries and is ideal for long production runs once the production specs have been properly programmed.

Swiss screw machining is a good option when your part is under 1.5” in diameter, and requires precision. These machines are also well suited for parts that have multiple features and batch sizes over 100 pcs. These machines are designed for intricate tight tolerance parts, and they have features built in to allow for unattended machining.

Our Screw Machining Equipment

Darmark has many years of experience in swiss machining.. Our manufacturing experts have created parts for the medical, transportation, aerospace, and electronics industries among others, and we offer the following screw machining and CNC turning equipment at our 28,000 square foot facility:

Screw Machining in San Diego, CA

While these machines are referred to as “screw” machines, they have far more capability than just producing screws. They are great for various fittings, connectors, really any part that needs intricate detail or consistent high volume production. We consistently hold tolerances of +/- .0005” and even tighter on occasion depending on the specific application.

Darmark’s advanced ERP system and experts in CNC milling and turning can help you produce the amount of metal goods you need with transparency at every step of the process. With eight full-time CNC programmers on staff, we can program Swiss screw machining jobs with ultimate precision on our state of the art CNC machines.

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San Diego, CA Screw Machining