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Welcome to Darmark Corporation!

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CNC Machining
in San Diego, CA

Located just outside San Diego in Poway, CA, Darmark Corporation is a precision CNC machine shop specializing in prototype and production applications. We have gained a reputation as a premier manufacturer in Southern California for our expertise in the cnc machining of high-temp alloys, as well as our skill in completing turn-key assemblies.

Darmark has been combining unmatched quality with great customer service since 1978. Through our diverse body of work and years of experience in the industry, we are confident we can meet your manufacturing needs.

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About Us

In 1978, Darmark Corporation began in the garage of their founder Darwin E. Zavadil, who had extensive experience in the machining industry.

In the early days of operation, Darmark specialized in complex and precise manufacturing in the semiconductor industry.

By developing good relationships with local semiconductor manufacturers as well as plastic suppliers, Darmark became a leader in how to approach the machining of high cost, exotic plastics, which many machine shops were hesitant to work with.

This attention to precision and detail in the early days would set them up for changes in the structure of the company, as well as the machining industry.

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Top Machine Shop
in San Diego

Darmark Corporation is a leading Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine shop in San Diego, CA. Our experts specialize in machining for all types of industries,  including aerospace and medical. You’ll only ever receive top-quality projects when you work with us.

We’re proud to be a leader in the CNC Machining Industry since 1978. This excellent quality and customer service will be applied to your project when  you choose us for your CNC machining and manufacturing needs.

We provide a range of machining services including CNC machining, screw machining, precision turning, and others.

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CNC Machine Shop Services
in San Diego, CA

Darmark has many professional machinists with ample experience and knowledge available to assist you. Our CNC specialists work with you throughout the project to ensure you receive a state-of-the-art design that suits all of the project’s needs.

We are the top experts in the field and offer exceptional quality with all of these services. You can trust that your machined parts will arrive perfectly made and in a timely fashion. We ensure you remain a part of the design process so the final product  you receive meets all your expectations for the project.

Overall, Darmark Corporation in San Diego has a wide customer base, allowing us to specialize in everything from precision machining to turn-key assemblies. . Our 28,000 square foot machine shop can handle all of your manufacturing needs.

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San Diego Machining Services

Darmark Corporation is a full-service CNC Machine Shop & Manufacturer.

With access to a wide variety of materials & partners, as well as a large team of experienced engineers and machinists, we will handle everything from concept design through to finished product & quality assessment.

Some of the most popular CNC services we offer at our machine shop in San Diego include 3-5 axis CNC milling, precision turning, and screw machining. We can even offer laser engraving, which is essential for the efficient serialization of manufactured parts.

Aside from offering a full range of machining services, we also offer customer service & quality assurance that is unmatched by other machining companies. Read on to learn more about why to choose Darmark.

Why Choose
Darmark CNC Machine Shop

Our customer service, quality, and on-time delivery make Darmark Corporation the top machine shop in San Diego.

Our machinists are the best in the industry – many of them holding over 20 years of experience in the industry.. When you choose us to design your parts & products,  you can rest easy knowing we’ll always provide you with the best results.

Darmark Corporation has been in business for over 40 years. During that time, we have continued to expand our facility, team, and machining options. Our machinists believe in “quality above all else,” and you’ll see this in our work.

Our  ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D certifications guarantee a level of quality that is unmatched by other suppliers. Additionally, using our advanced ERP system, we are able to ensure on-time delivery of products.

These are just a few of the reasons Darmark is the #1 choice for CNC Machining in San Diego!

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