Why Choose Darmark?

Quality Above All Else

At Darmark, we understand the impact that “cost of poor quality” can have on our customers.  That is why at Darmark we are committed to supplying our customers with quality parts every time.  Through the years of continuous improvement, we have built a quality system that is second to none.  Come in for a tour and you will see the proprietary in-process and final inspection standards we have put in place.  We can truly say we are building quality into our products.

How Do We Do It?     Our Quality Clauses     Our Quality Certifications

Customer Service

As a team, we are committed to giving our customers the daily support they need to manage their supply chains and make decisions.  Timely responses, honesty and tactfulness are the expectations we set for ourselves when dealing with our customers.  In our mind the customer comes first, and we show it by action when a need arises.

On-time Delivery

Utilizing our advanced ERP system, Darmark has the tools and resources in place to ensure customer deliveries are scheduled and executed to the customer promise dates.  At any given time, Darmark has a snapshot of current available capacity and uses it to give accurate lead times to our customers.  As part of our excellent customer service, Darmark is willing to be flexible in order to satisfy urgent customer needs.  Darmark excels at partnering with our customers to provide lean stocking strategies, ask us how we can provide a solution for you!

Continuous Improvement

At Darmark, process and system improvement never stops.  Management leads the way with the lean mentality and this is driven throughout the company.  Each employee knows that ideas will be listened to, and we are constantly monitoring our processes to make sure they are as lean as possible while still satisfying our customer’s key requirements.

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