Transport Industry Machining in San Diego, CA

Our shop features state-of-the-art equipment ideal for transport industry machining. With almost half of Darmark’s staff having 15 years or more with the company, our workforce is comprised of machinists who are proud innovators, trusted by a core group of leading OEM clients.

The transportation industry requires a variety of mechanical parts as goods are hauled on roads, rail, the air, and by sea. Our transportation-centric CNC machining and rapid prototyping services are designed to help transportation leaders reach their desired markets as soon as possible. The machined parts and assemblies that Darmark provides can make supply chains more efficient and help minimize downtime and lag times.

About Darmark’s Facility

Our 28,000 square foot facility boasts more than 40 milling and turning machines. Our CNC milling capacity is 39″ x 41″ and our CNC turning can handle parts up to 14″ in diameter. We are ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D certified with over 40 years of experience in the machining field.

Our staff has eight full-time CNC programmers who are trained and experienced in handling a variety of projects. We can work with most industry standard CAD files such as .STP, .IGS, Solid Works, etc. The entire product realization process is managed through our Jobboss ERP system which is also integrated with our quality management system utilizing Unipoint software. These tools, along with data collection and machine monitoring through Scytec software allow us to keep clear visibility into our operations.

Darmark also has an in-house inspection department, with an 800 square foot inspection lab.

Transport Industry Machining in San Diego, CA

Why Choose Darmark For Your Transportation Industry Machining Needs?

Darmark can expedite your specialized project’s needs to support your supply chain requirements. Our company is well-suited to the transportation industry’s needs, as we have the machinery and knowledge required to meet your challenges.

San Diego, CA Transport Industry Machining

Our transportation manufacturing services include:

  • Reproduction of obsolete parts
  • Engine/actuation parts
  • Turbines and their components
  • Rapid tooling

We can also customize or create after-market parts, such as adding your firm’s branding. Darmark strives to provide excellent customer service and will meet your manufacturing, finishing, and milling needs no matter the size of the job.